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Become a leader in Accounting for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility through approachable courses that save you time and enable your success.
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Why Take Vert de Gris Courses?

Empower Yourself, Your Organization,
and Your Global Community

Explore new topics or deepen your current understanding with actionable lessons crafted by one of the world’s leading accounting for sustainability experts. With thoughtfully developed, universally applicable courses that we adapt to reflect the dynamic field of sustainable enterprise, Vert de Gris is more than just an educational program—it’s a gateway to achieving autonomy, clarity, and confidence in the areas of the field relevant to your role.

We know your time is precious and limited, so each course is designed to provide maximum value in minimum time. Choose from asynchronous courses that fit your schedule, each one equipping you with the tools, templates, and guidance you need to conquer your sustainability objectives immediately.

Three Course Categories. Limitless Potential.

Choose from a collection of curated accounting for sustainability courses designed to
elevate your knowledge, enable organizational growth, and advance your career.

1 – 2 Hours

Take a quick yet comprehensive look at the fundamentals of accounting for sustainability, climate, CSRD, reporting, and more.

The Discover Track offers a fast-tracked introduction to young executives, students, and curious minds looking for a high-level overview with actionable guidance.

1.5 – 15 Hours

Make sense of complex standards and regulations (CSRD, Taxonomy, ISSB..) so you can meet your reporting deadlines sooner and lead sustainability initiatives with ease.

In the Accelerate Track, you’ll dive deeper into highly relevant topics and gain skills you can implement right away.

12 Months

Venture into a personalized, year-long experience that equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to overcome your specific business challenges.

The Transform Track combines e-learning and exclusive coaching for maximum impact.

Accelerate Courses to Accelerate Your Proficiency

Our most popular format provides the tools and direction you need to lead projects, implement reporting, and grasp new legislation. Accelerate helps you understand and facilitate technical sustainability legislation in little time.



A 1.5-hour breakdown built for high-level decision-makers who need the quintessential details.

190€ *


A 5-hour program for the managers and leaders who pilot and oversee reporting projects.

990€ *


A 15-hour exploration of complex topics for the on-the-ground teams in charge of implementation.

2,990€ *


An all-in-one solution for the organization looking to effect sweeping change—
all for the price of one course.

2990 € *

* VAT may apply at checkout, depending on your country of residence

Transform Your Organization

Our all-encompassing flagship program breaks through to your deepest understanding with in-depth materials, operative templates, group coaching, and more. Independent and corporate professionals looking for total autonomy, career progression, and access to  personal guidance will benefit from Transform.



CSRD Impact

This year-long program guides you and your team through the regulatory framework and requirements of the CSRD, helping you turn a mandated directive into a streamlined transformative operation.

Through in-depth training courses and tailored coaching sessions, we illuminate the strategies needed to make your first CSRD report — and every one after that — an unquestionable success.

Coming Soon! 
Early bird special:
Enroll before October 31, 2023

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Become Fluent in
Accounting for Sustainability 

Over the course of 12 inspiring months, you’ll hone your accounting for sustainability skills and learn to integrate sustainability into your day to day practices and projects.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy access to group coaching with our founder, vibrant forums full of like-minded professionals, and invaluable bonus resources to truly transform your career.

Early bird special:
Enroll before December 31, 2023

Add-On: Individualized Coaching

For any of our Transform courses, we give you the option to unlock one-on-one time with experienced leaders in the field of audit and sustainable accounting extensively trained by our founder and course creator, Delphine Gibassier.

They will function as your mentor through the course and your guide to successfully completing your organizational projects. You’ll access their collective expertise to ensure your initiative becomes a streamlined company standard.

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Need to train your whole team? Special team rates available

Discover the Essentials

Our brief, informative Discover courses give you the must-know details on some of today’s most pressing sustainability requirements. Discover lets you test the subject matter quickly—
ideal for busy young executives, students, or those unsure of which course to take.


Coming Soon!

Change is here. Learn about climate change, accounting and finance to know how to measure and disclose climate change impacts and risks associated with business activities and their value chain.

100€ *

Coming Soon!

Money drives business decisions—and that means finance professionals have decisions to make. Find out how a focus on thoughtful, thorough accounting can help you infuse sustainability and responsibility into every corporate action.

100€ *

* VAT may apply at checkout, depending on your country of residence.
Discounts for students are available for our Discover courses: contact us for more information.

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