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What’s in a Name? Our Story Is in Ours

Our story began with our founder’s vision to unify the worlds of finance and sustainability. When Delphine started as a financial controller in 2003, she was inspired by the power of education. She knew that shared knowledge was the missing bridge between these two worlds. So for the next 20 years, brick by brick, she built the bridge.

Through consulting, teaching, inventing, and researching, her vision began to take shape: a convergence of gray corporate finance and green sustainability that benefitted both kinds of professionals and the planet. A common ground where knowledge was accessible and forward progress was possible.

So in 2022, Vert de Gris was born. 

Then, Delphine’s unique approach and unyielding environmental stewardship inspired Michelle Cristy to join the team in 2023. Michelle has been instrumental in scaling our program, bringing marketing expertise, operational savviness, and her own passion for sustainability to our helm. 

Together, we’re driven toward our global mission to participate in a real transition of companies to become more sustainable.
The Why’s Behind Vert de Gris

Every Detail Is Rooted In Our Mission


Vert de Gris translates to
grayish-green, the color that comes from blending gray-suit finance with green-leaf sustainability.

Both hues are crucial to building
a better planet.

Vert de Gris


Our status as a société à mission, or mission-driven company, means we’re committed to making a positive social, societal, and environmental impact in every facet of our operations.

Our mission: guide the transformation of organizations towards sustainable development through accounting for sustainability.


The owl represents our hallmarks of knowledge, education, and biodiversity.

Owls also have impeccable eyesight—representing our clear vision toward a more sustainable future.

Logo Vert de Gris

Inspired By Culture, Creativity, and Conservation

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Delphine Gibassier

Delphine is a natural-born teacher and a single mum of 3 from eastern France. As a lifelong learner, Delphine follows her curiosities wherever they lead.

She’s lived in 7 countries, mastered 4 languages, and even learned 5 musical instruments.

When she’s not sharing knowledge of accounting for sustainability with colleagues and students, you can find Delphine practicing the Celtic harp or starting up a new painting project with her son.

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Michelle Cristy

Michelle’s roots are planted in her multicultural family. She is an animal lover, an environmental enthusiast, and a proud mother to her son, a budding scientist.

Michelle’s extensive world travel instilled new languages and mindsets, including her current mission to live an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Today, she's traded carbon footprints for bike trails and when she’s not furthering Vert de Gris’ mission, she’s hiking along the coast or reading gripping novels.

We’d Love to Hear Your Story Next

If your mission aligns with ours, if you’re ready to combine gray and green in your organization, or if you’re simply curious to exchange thoughts and ideas about accounting for sustainability, we’d love to hear from you.
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