CSRD Decide

With the introduction of the CSRD, sustainability and transparency are no longer just good for business—they’re mandatory.

CSRD Decide hands you the key strategies and knowledge you need as a decision-maker to turn compliance into a competitive advantage.
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A Quick Look at CSRD Decide

For Decision-makers
or Curious Minds

This module is designed for decision-makers—board, members, CEOs, CFOs, and managers—or any professional looking to quickly grasp or jumpstart the CSRD initiatives in their organization.

In 90 Minutes or Less

Learn at your own pace in this hyper-focused CSRD overview totaling 1.5 hours
or a fast-tracked 20 minutes, delivering substantial value and valuing your time. 

What You Stand to Gain

If your company needs to implement CSRD and ESRS but aren’t sure where to start, this course is meant for you. We turn the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive into an accessible, approachable subject and give you the tools you need to champion these initiatives in your organization. After completing our fully asynchronous course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to take on the CSRD and effect long-lasting change.

Here are some of the competencies you’ll develop:

Industry terminology

Project leadership

Compliance reporting

Transition planning

CSRD & ESRS proficiency

You Have Decisions to Make. We Can Help You Decide.

Through up-to-date data and interactive elements, you’ll gain the high-level knowledge you need to kickstart sustainability projects across your organization. With expert insights from our founder and course creator, Delphine Gibassier, you’ll not only learn how to satisfy the CSRD and ESRS requirements but also how to exceed them, paving the way for the future.

Along with the primary course content, you’ll receive bonus materials to help you continue transforming your business, including a stakeholder presentation kit to promote buy-in and an online flash assessment to evaluate your company’s status and guide you toward full compliance.

Your Building Blocks 
for CSRD Understanding


Discover how the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive fits within your organization’s framework and amplifies your sustainability strategy as a whole. 


Explore the fundamentals of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards that define the rules and regulations of CSRD and how they fit into your organization’s CSRD projects.

The evolution of the standard-setting arena

How did the CSRD and the ESRS change the world of sustainability reporting?

Transformational areas of the CSRD and ESRS - what will change for you?

On many levels, the CSRD and the ESRS bring changes to the world of sustainability reporting. Have your heard of double materiality and value chain reporting? we will explain it all.

CSRD Project Planning

Find out how to gather the right teams, set the right timelines, and leave the right mark on your organization through full-scale transformation.

Bonus Materials

Along with these concepts, you’ll access bonus materials to help you continue transforming your business, including:

- a stakeholder presentation kit to promote buy-in in your organization,

- an online flash assessment to evaluate your company’s status and guide you toward full compliance.

This course includes:

  • E-learning composed of slides with the very latest information and guidance, interactive slides, charts, graphs, quizzes, references and more
  • Access to a personal training space for 12 months, allowing you to review the slides as much as you like
  • Content updates during the access period
  • Bonus media for your use
  • Estimated time to complete the course in full: 1 hour 30 minutes

Are You Ready to Lead the Transformation?
It´s time to take action!

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