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Founded by the internationally-renowned expert on accounting for sustainability, Delphine Gibassier, Vert de Gris was born from a mission to pave a clearer path for finance and CSR professionals undertaking today’s sustainability requirements.

 What started with a driven woman trailblazing the field has evolved into a revolutionary training system built with real-world experience, leading-edge leadership, and the unwavering commitment to making you fully autonomous.


Transformative Paths for Individuals and Organizations

We Help You Reclaim Your Time

Grasping dense topics like CSRD, ISSB, ESG, multi-capital accounting, and sustainability reporting is a time-consuming mission, yet it’s an essential part of the modern business landscape.

As a busy professional, we know you need to conquer these concepts and handle the tasks in front of you with speed and efficiency. With our streamlined approach, you can.

We Transmit the Most Up-To-Date Information

The field of accounting for sustainability is in constant flux, and unless you’re at the forefront of it, it’s not hard to fall behind. But as a leading force in the transition to sustainable development, we are at the fore.

We collect, decipher, and translate all the most pertinent updates to you in simple, digestible terms—so that every course is infused with up-to-date data that empowers without overwhelming you.

We Make the Complex Comprehensible

Integrating sustainability in finance is undoubtedly complex—but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Regardless of your experience in sustainable development or CSR, we can help turn accounting for sustainability from a hurdle to a competitive edge.

Our pragmatic, actionable guidance allows you to consciously and confidently implement accounting for sustainability solutions.


Unparalleled Expertise, Tailored to You

Integrate accounting for sustainability with guidance from real-world experts invested in your success.

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Our industry-leading experts have distilled 15 years of accounting for sustainability proficiency into a series of efficient online courses for individuals and teams.

From mastering the basics of accounting for sustainability, to understanding how to implement your first sustainability report (CSRD, ISSB…), your growth is one course away.

Whether you’re looking for a few short hours of need-to-know information or an immersive year-long journey with one-on-one guidance, you’ll find it here.

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If you would like to bring your entire team together for a hands-on learning experience that empowers your leaders, eliminates the need for costly consultancies, and places sustainability at the center of your organization, we’re here to help. Our immersive one-year trainings are available both for individuals or entire teams. 

We also offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf e-learning training modules for you to leverage and empower your learners.

Our corporate solutions provide you with team-wide training, expert-built e-learning content, professional guidance and guest speaking to place our founder’s knowledge in your hands.

What People Are Saying About Vert de Gris

I've had the pleasure of working with Delphine for 14 years now. Together, we have accomplished notable milestones such as building Danone's carbon accounting system, integrated reporting, and addressing the complexities of SDG reporting.

Recently we have even tackled the CSRD and double materiality challenges!

Delphine has consistently been a driving force behind our innovative sustainability accounting projects at Danone.

Her expertise and support have been instrumental in advancing our ambitious initiatives to ensure that Danone remains at the forefront of sustainability measurement.

- Laura Palmeiro,
Sustainable Finance Director,
We at Fermes d'Avenir were really happy that Delphine helped us to develop and execute a pilot case about triple capital accounting applied to agro-ecological farms.

Not only did she and her team produce quality material, but they were also able to train our teams on field about new concepts and new tools.
Many thanks!
- Helene Le Teno,
Director of Operations,
Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation
Former Director of Ecological Transition, Groupe SOS

I had the opportunity to work on different projects with Delphine, but our main subject matter was always related to the global performance of organizations, and the importance of changing the practices of control and verification of non-financial information.
Delphine is a recognized expert on these subjects.

She provided me with key technical knowledge, but also opened me up to a whole network of influential personalities, from regulators to academics and scientists.

Beyond her scientific knowledge, she was also skilled at adapting to our needs and being patient, flexible and educational... great assets when you want to change the rules of the game on these issues!

- Charlotte GABET,
CSR Reporting and Risk Manager,
PwC France

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